Construction Draw Inspections

Help me out here, what do these entail? And how do you charge for them?
Lender’s Choice contacted me to do some of these for them. They say they pay 40.00 for each one, some exceptions noted this first one is 85 miles away. I would have to get compensated for gas/time. Also they bill 30 days after invoicing. What say ye?
Thanks in advance,
Gerald Wilcox
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For this:
I used the search button above and typed “draw inspectios”.

It will get you started…:wink:

The banks here in the keys are paying 250 and I have also done them for 75 so it depends on how bad you need the business and how well you can negotiate the deal… the inspection its self isn’t to hard all you really have to do is look at the prints and look at the site and see where they are and report on what ever draw they are asking for.