Continuing education new york

Am I to understand that there is nothing online approved as CE credits online in New York State? Help me out. Where can one find the guide lines for CE credits in New York?

Not officially. But one member who didn’t want to leave his biz during the day to take classroom courses, called his NY rep and got a waiver from the department which allowed him to take his CE online for free:

I have been pointing this out for over a year. I have called and sent letters to Albany about on-line Continuing Education. I was told New York would review the on-line CE in 2010. In my area there are no New York approved schools for Continuing Education. I would have to travel over an hour to attend a class. Don’t get me wrong I did have some great instructors of the CE but the travel time was a pain and time is money. You can receive a collage degree on-line so whey not CE credits?
Nick, please let us know in New York when and if this happens.

The last CE course I took was a waste of time and money. It was a joke. It was an electrical course (I think?), but not much was talked about electrical inspections. It is a necessary evil to have to take CE classes in NY. Need them for licensing. I bought Paul’s’ video course, I learned more in ten minutes from the video than I did in 3 hours sitting in the class.

we are still at New York’s mercy. There are CE classes that I question but then there where some I learned from. The some classes cost more and this effects the attendance and that leads to canceling the class. Like I said before you can earn a degree on-line but you can’t take your your CE on-line in New York. New York will not take on-line or mail correspondence for CE.