Online, approved CE for New York members

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Awesome Nick, I would love to see this come through.

Great job
You are always working for us

This is great news. I look forward to you pulling this across the finish. Thank you!


Please broadcast when NYS approves and with what classes they approve for continuing education.

Please note that NYS course must be signified with an " L " Approval Code to be valid for continuing education and certificate issued for audit.

Given the issues with with COVID-19 this is prudent move by NYS.

Looking forward to the approval-


This is the best news I had for a long time,
Thank you Nick

John, Mitchell and Rick welcome to and back to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile:

Nick, do you anticipate online CE for Home Inspectors via online learning to become permanent or simply a bandaid until this Covid 19 passes. This is exactly one of the reasons that distance learning is necessary. I called two schools in New York inquiring if they had heard anything, and was met with hostility stating that it’ll never happen in New York. One “school” which I care not to embarrass stated they were GUARANTEED by the state that online leading with NEVER be approved.

I hope that you can get online courses approved and up and running in New York both on a temporary basis and then as a permanent solution for inspectors to obtain the necessary CEs.

Keep up the good work.

Permanent. We’re the only industry in all of NY that doesn’t have approved online CE. Even hair dressers got approved about 5 years ago. Once members get this, it’s hard to take it away from them. Keep calling the Attorneys General office and complaining that you want it permanent.

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Good moring, Has this been approved yet? Looking forward to taking some more CE classes. Thank you. Tom

Got a free, online course approved by NYS: New York Division of Licensing Approves InterNACHI's Free, Online COVID-19 Course for CE

Can you post an email from the state on this? I hate how backassward NY is when it comes to online CE.

Tom, I must have missed seeing your first post.

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Approved as of today.

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So, now I can take CE classes for NY credit? I looked but it only listed 4 classes? Thanks.

Yes, but the NYS approval is at for NYS’s approval.

Perfect, thanks Ben.

So the approval was for one live webinar that was offered once and that was it?