Continuing requirements for INTERNACHI members

I know after passing all required courses count for the first year, but if I complete additional classes in the first year, will those credits carry over and be applied to credits required for year two?

Yes if you do enough extra courses that meet the requirement. I did enough in my first and second year (2018-2019) that I didn’t have to do any (2019-2020) or (2020-2021). This year I have to complete the required hours for (2021- 2022) by September.

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For InterNachi use- Yes.
I doubt it for any other use, such as State/City/Other.

See your Dashboard…

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Thank you both, that answered my question!


Where to go to get the info needed? I got 25 certifications last year. Don’t know how many ce that was.
How does it carry over?

Why do you think Non-members are entitled to CE’s??

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That’s weird. I am a CPI. I found my records, I had 232 ce last year and 24 this year.
I’ll look into why it shows me as a non member.
Really weird.

Now I’ve seen 3 different profile pics. Interesting :thinking:

I was trying to change it. But my accounts all weird. Don’t know what’s going on.