Internachi Courses

I just finished all of the InterNACHI courses online. Question is when does my requirement for CE’S kick in? Next year since I just finished?

Article 2 ? Description of the Program

The Recipient exemplifies the Continued Educational Efforts by establishing and accomplishing at least 50 hours of approved CEU’s in a calendar year. The deadline for submitting CE’s for this Award is March 1st. of the following Year.

The InterNACHI Awards Committee is the final authority of issuance of this award.

Not clear if he meant regular stuff or Beaumont award.

They will be posted to your state board in a few days after completion.

My state is not regulated

Then why are you doing the CE’s?

I must have misunderstood the requirements. I thought the CEU’S were required to maintain my membership. If they are not that’s good.

You do have to take some required courses, but I don’t recall which ones.

Read this…

deleted cuz

Nope I’m not…


Continuing Education Policy

24 Hours of CE Every Year

InterNACHI CPI members are required to:

Wow! That’s almost like hitting the end of the internet.