Just wanted to update you guys…

Logo division now open. I have a very talented logo designer on staff now and he is ready to work. Take a look at what he has done for me. If you want to see more of what we can create let me know. For just $199 you can have a professional logo to fit your current site design or a website you will have built. You are in full control think big and we will create it. Keep in mind a professional logo is costly. Pepsi paid 1Million for theirs and my guy can create the exact same image plus much more!

– Answering Service
– Website/SEO Development (Coming 1 Jan 14)
– Business Coach 1on1 webinars (Coming 1 Jan 14)

PS… All web work must pass my approval. You all know how picky I am! :slight_smile:

Nice. Now you need to get into snow removal :slight_smile: