Nick are we allowed to mess around with stuff like this?

You are the logo king…man that alone is a talent.

Would you consider getting paid to do like brochure layouts and stuff like that? I need that done from time to time. Interested?

I might be but Nick had a better idea of getting a brochure from like Lexis or Lincoln and getting ideas they spent millions on and using that for your own ideas. Thats not to say I wouldn’t help you or others here. I really don’t think I’m all that good at it but I do like playing around a bit.

OK, I did get one of those and as a matter of fact I got one in the mail just yesterday from Jaguar. Just because I get one of those, I still need someone to put it all together. I personally think you have a talent. Just my two cents. I love your logos and trust me, I have tried to do stuff like that and it always comes out like CRAP. You seem to make them in no time.

When I get a project we will talk and see what happens.

It looks nice to me. I am always in the market for logos as well. Whats your fee for one?

Sounds good just let me know.

lol when i get an idea it only takes me about ten minutes to put out a logo. The croc one simply came because you live in Florida and gator wouldn’t work.:mrgreen: I have no idea if you guys have croc’s or not.:shock:

I’ll hook you up.:wink: Let me look around your site and see what i can come up with unless you already have an idea. Plus it helps to know what you would want it for. website, coffee cup etc.

I would appreciate it if you could combine the the golden Certified Master Inspector logo with the state of Missouri. My company colors are a medium blue and a meduim gray. My website is Thanks ahead of time!

ROBERT, ROBERT, ROBERT…its does not take just several minutes to produce this type of product, it takes HOURS of intense concentration, $18,000 in software, a support staff of 12…

Let me be your manager! Logos / laser light…Your going places!

Seems harmless to me. Have at it.

Thank you Nick. Another reason this is such a great place. The brotherhood here is awesome.

I already have an idea. my email is Send me an email and Ill respond with the exact nature of the logo. Thanks

I didn’t see this until I made you one. I’ll email you now. I can make another for you. Only thing I could think of was a hurricane seeing as I have never been to Florida. :wink:

You always think big. I like that. Logo’s we could do that. Sorry Google’s got dibs on the laser. :wink:

Hurricanes spin counterclockwise. Better spin that one the other way.

I’ll see what I can do for you.

Do they I have no clue? That hurricane was actually the hard part.:mrgreen:

Thanks, but I was thinking of a the gold CMI seal over the state of Missouri or an outline of the state of Missouri. Maybe off set some.