Convertible Classmate PC

(From website) The 2go® Convertible Classmate PC NL3 10" Netbook - Ultra-mobile, ruggedized, powerful… 2go® PC’s Newest Convertible Classmate PC - The 10" 2go® Convertible Classmate PC NL3 is the newest tablet from CTL and it’s leaner, faster and stronger than ever before. It features a ruggedized design , rotating swivel touch screen display and pen-shaped stylus to always keep you moving. The ultra mobile 2go® NL3 is ideal for education, mobile workers, and people on the go.

Link to site where I bought my unit back in January.

Used with HIP, but Windows base unit can run many software programs. Battery lasts 5+ hours before having to charge. I have ungraded to a lager unit and are no longer using unit.

Asking $300.00 plus shipping cost.







David …

How is it configured??

They are a nice alternative to tablets if wishing to use regular software for reports rather than mobile versions…
Still have mine.

They are basically tough netbooks Dan.

Still factory settings. Only added Microsoft 2010 and Home Inspector Pro. Has only been online to download Hip software.

I would be interested David. Please give me a call. 321-626-8840

Have someone interested, but will contact you if I don’t hear back from them today.

David … I’ve got a friend that has 3

They are each configured different / size screen / type & size hard drive / memory / operating system … So how is yours configured.


Sorry Sir…

Didn’t know much about the nuts and bolts. But here is what I found

Screen size - 10"
Processor - Intel® Atom ™ CPU N2600 @ 1.60GHz
Installed Memory -2 GB
Hard drive - 24.8GB Disk drive
System type - 32-bit Operating System
Running Window 7

Hope that answers your questions. All Chinese to me…HAHA

That is actually pretty good.
They should be used for inspections only to keep from bogging down.

David -

Call me sometime Wed PM if you get a chance 918-816-0607