2GO PC Convertible

Brand new in the box!!! First $480.00 takes it delivered!!

For specifications: http://www.2gopc.com/


Any reason you’re selling it Chuck? Inspectors have been buying these up, they’re awesome!

Bought too many!!


LOL. I see. If no one’s bought one, post a message on our message board in the computer section. It’s the #1 Tablet we’re recommending and a lot of guys are buying them.


Do you still have the 2go PC avaliable? If so how is it spec. out?

1.6 GHz Atom Processor
1 gig memory
60 gig HD
wired cat 5 modem
2 usb 2.0 ports
SD port
external modem port
touch screen tablet convertible
6 hours battery life ( you time may vary)

Email me if you need more specs ocvp@socal.rr.com

Is this the one with the handle on 1 side.

Yeah the rubber handle. Great tablet!

What operating system comes with it?

I believe you might have to buy one, or load one…


It has Windows XP Home on it


It comes with Windows XP and you can upgrade to Windows 7 for $100.

Any advantage ?

A little better handwriting recognition. Not sure if it’s really worth the $100 though.

fyi…I have had one for a month or so…I have no issues with it, however it has added more time to my inspections somewhat…till I get all the bugs out then it will be all good.

Software bugs, or bugs with the tablet?

That’s why I do not do it on site.
The time you spend at home clicking and typing is added to the whole on site Inspection and rushed.

no bugs …


I think he means bug in his routines.

I just bought one of these and it seems to be great. Just trying to works ome things out before I start using it in the field.

One of the complaints I have heard is that it has XP Home instead of XP Tablet. I did some searching to try to find out how to install a couple of Tablet apps on it and found a way to convert XP home to XP tablet. I made the conversion and now my 2GO PC has Tablet installed.

It has several steps and takes a little time (mostly downloading files) but it works. I now have windows journal and the Tablet Input Panel working. It even passed MS Genuine DisAdvantage tests.

If anyone is interested, the site is here: http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19894-windows-vista-journal-ported-to-xp/

Go to the page and scroll down quite a ways to find the information.