Cooking vent question

Are there acceptable means of venting the kitchen stove without ducting

leading to the roof? Are the new microwave’s acceptable? Is their a vent

hood that can vent with only a filter?


When ever I seen an over the range fan/vent that does not exhaust to the outside, I recommend installing one that does to improve indoor air quality.

Over and over again my clients were not aware that it discharged right back into the kitchen.

In my area, I see 10 (recirculating) to 1 (vented) for hanging micros or hoods. I prefer not to have another hole for leakage when its 110 outside, but thats just me. I do notate it just for buyer info.

Me too. I’ll talk about it to the client if it’s a gas range, and recommend they install a CO monitor. If it’s an electric range, I usually don’t say anything at all, just make sure it’s working.


Thanks…I like the extra about a CO monitor.

You might want to also mention that with a gas range, one of the byproducts of gas combustion is water vapor. They may find an increase in humidity in the home as a result of this scenario. They may find that they are getting excessive condensation on the interior of their windows in the winter, or even mold. If so, they would need to address that appropriately. (best thing to do would be to vent to the exterior.)

there is also the possibility of an additional risk of fire with an exterior vented unit depending on how the vent is run…We had a large apartment building burn to the ground here after the fire department thinking they had extinguished the stove fire fail to notice the raging grease fire in the attic duct work until it was too late…