Gas Range, No Vent

Inspecting a home today I found a gas cook-top unit that was installed in an island in the middle of the kitchen (replacing an electric unit I believe). There is probably 5 to 6 feet clearance to the ceiling, but the buyer is worried that there is no vent. I’m pretty sure one is not required, but I was hoping to get some feedback from someone who knew for sure.


Have you checked the local codes?

Gas combustion produces large quantities of water vapor (I believe it’s about six liters of water per 100,000 BTU).

An exhaust fan is always advisable to help exhaust the excess water vapor outside of the building envelope.

What I say, whether gas or electric: “No range hood or exhaust system was provided for the kitchen appliance cooking surface. Although not required, we and the manufacturers of most cooking appliances recommend it.”

Did you check to see if it had a downdraft vent? I know just asking

Same here Joe.

Exactly, exhaust to the exterior is not always required. :smiley:


Don't forget to recommend a quality (10 - 35 ppm) CO detector.

Your statement that “the buyer is worried” means that you should not guess your way through this or assume anything. If there is a local code governing this, refer to it and recommend that your client do a permit research (to include the building permit) to ensure that the local codes were applied. Avoid making any statement that it does or does not “meet code”. With the code book in front of you, you have a 50/50 chance of being right, at best.

If there is no codes governing it, make your recommendation based upon safety and protection to the property.

Would you have been equally concerned if it had been a gas cooktop with a microwave/fan (not vented to the outside) above it?

I had this exact scenario on Tuesday mornings inspection. I wrote a comment about it stating that it would be best to vent it to the exterior but if that is not possible, that they should at the very least install a CO monitor.

I have some boiler plate/narrative now in all reports that have Gas and or fireplaces that recommend at least one CO Detector… :smiley: