Cooling with Ice

I found this article very interesting.;_ylt=ApZZbLK2hqGMQIzV14mxwhrMWM0F

I am far from an expert and I do think it can tend to remove some of the day time use of power and transfer it to nights .

But logic does not convince me they can use less power over all .

A similar system used to balance power requirements is used I think in the Niagara river where in the nights they pump huge amounts of water into storage units above the escarpment and during the day when more power is required they use this falling water to supplement what they get from the falls .

But there is a cost you do not get some thing for nothing.

"Both companies received incentives from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority under a program designed to improve the power grid and help businesses reduce operating costs."

I think it’s safe to say the the cost savings are due to the use of nightime electricity when demand is much lower. The grid system is always designed for the peak demand so if a smaller “system” is needed the utilities are able to offer real cost savings in the form of night time rates for power used.

The cost of freezing water and storing it and the inefficiencies introduced to the system are more than offset by the much lower cost per kW at night and the delay in building more generating capacity.(At ;east that’s the plan) If a technology becomes available for a more efficient way of storing power generated at off peak times, there are potentially even more savings to be found.

Thanks Michael I can see where there could be saving with lower cost.
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