Copper & Aluminum Fuses anyone?

Today inspection… Man!

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Brilliant, will last forever! :grin:

Must have run out of copper pipe! I wonder what the kitchen aluminum foil is equal to in AWG… :crazy_face:

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Great idea, why waste money on fuses. (I see this a lot in industrial inspections)

Did you leave it out?

Hell No! I want the dump to burn down… :imp:

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HAHAHAHA. Perfect.

Crazy, but is pulling fuse blocks part of the SOP?

I don’t care what the sop says… I pulled it.


I has ta knows… is that PVC beneath the AL??

Nope! It a fuse wrapped with AL foil.

Do you always pull a block or were you suspicious of something?

Yes! I do.

Its not very often you see that heavy of gauge of tinned copper.

:grinning: :wink:

Roy…is not in OHIO… :exploding_head:

Yep! And glad of it.