Mystery Knuckles in Main Box

Hello Everyone. I have come across my first property with aluminum wiring. Can anyone help shed light on what is under the electrical tape? Wasn’t sure if they were synonymous with aluminum wiring or another concern on their own.

Probably a split bolt connector. They are used with copper and aluminum wiring. No problem as long as they were taped correctly, but you have no way to know.


Yes, what he ^^^^ said.

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Split bolt , only thing I know is they should be rubber wrapped and not just plastic electrical tape

I agree split bolt connector. Can be used for copper and aluminum but must be listed as such, the brass colored ones are usually for copper only. What is the reason these were in that enclosure, looks like they may be other issues.

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Agree about the split bolt… see them commonly when a generator system is added… overall photo would be helpful.

Is that a disconnect for the panel on the right?

Is there another panel just inside?