Copper for gas distribution - county of Cook, IL

Can copper pipe be used for gas distribution inside a home? Tried to find local building code info for DesPlaines, IL but having no luck. Any answers or a point in the right direction appreciated.

Hi John
You missed last month’s meeting on this…just kidding.

I recommend replacement if it is soft copper and in a location where movement or physical damage may occur.

That being said ,I do not think there is a actual state code against it …BUT…
Looking at Peoples Gas site and downloading a PDF gets you this information from the Pipe protection program that they charge for which is a sort of insurance added to your monthly bill.

Here are excerpts I pulled for you.

This document sets forth the terms and conditions of your agreement with Peoples Gas, and you for the Pipeline Protection Program (PPP).

Examples of gas piping code violations, which are not eligible for service, include** cast iron pipe, plastic pipe or the lack of a gas shutoff valve located within six feet from a gas appliance**. Some code violations can be corrected at an additional cost.

Specific Exclusions: Only exposed piping is eligible for repair. The following gas piping is excluded from coverage: corrugated stainless steel tubing; underground gas piping; gas piping in or to mobile homes; gas piping to and in outbuildings not attached to the primary location; gas piping in any facility used for commercial purposes; exposed gas piping located in crawl spaces and other spaces that are difficult to gain access to; gas piping located in the common areas of multi-unit buildings; gas piping located on rooftops or attics when there is no floor or no conventional access; gas piping involved in tampering with utility facilities or the theft of gas;*copper gas piping; and gas piping larger than 1¼ inches in diameter.*Devices or equipment utilized to regulate gas pressure and gas boosters are not covered. Repairs to appliances are not included, except Peoples Gas will perform repairs to (but not replacement of) pilot tubing.

Obviously not using copper is the better option in the Chicago area.

Anytime I see copper being used for natural gas lines, I recommend replacement. I have seen too many leaks with copper. Some say that they have placed chemicals in the natural gas to curtail this, but I have come across several copper gas line connections that where corroded and leaking. It is okay, however, to use copper for propane.

Just last week I disconnected a copper gas line to my Uncle’s garage gas heater that I smelled gas at. I had not been over there in some time. No gas smell now.

As most of us know, anytime a gas line runs through a wall, it should be iron gas line.

Thanks Bob & Gary. This was soft copper tubing present in a crawlspace area. I think I will recommend replacement. Could either of you suggest some wording for the report?

I would suggest it be replaced based on possibility of physical damage if it applies and also based on not being approved by Peoples gas as a material they will work on but would replace if called.

When I see it it is usually not secured well .