Copper Gas Pipes

OK… what’s the bottom line on copper gas pipes? I just did an inspection with a very new high-efficiency furnace using copper gas pipe. I’ve heard it was bad because the sulfur corrodes the inside of the tube. But I’ve also heard that it isn’t as much of a problem now because there is less sulfur. What should I tell my client? I’ve talked to contractors and most of them say no copper for gas.

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Not allowed in my jurisdiction. . .

OK with propane, not natural. I have run into many a corroded connections and pipes using copper on natural gas. I always suggest to replace it when I see it in natural gas lines. I went over to my Mom and Dad’s home one day and noticed a gas smell, and a hidden copper pipe running to the gas dryer. I had all of the copper lines replaced, and some where so thin that they broke when touched. IMO.

Copper for Natural Gas is extremely common in my area.

Check with your local gas provider for your own area as gas content varies in different regions of the country.

I see you’re in western WI. I’m in MN, so maybe this is an area where it is allowed. I’m going to check with the gas company and see what they say.

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I thought the removed the stuff in the gas that made the copper corrode and it is perfectly fine for today’s gas.

That’s what I’ve been hearing, but then other people are saying no copper for natural gas… ever. Real puzzler. Like I said before, I’m going to contact the gas company in the area and ask them.