Copper supply lines at a tank water heater located in a small condo

While inspecting a small 2nd story condo, the cold water supply at the water heater T-s off and a has (what appears to be) a water hammer resistor? Not sure of this installation, but the water heater was operating as intended and had no issues. There is a fire suppression system in the unit. Is this okay? Just looking for some knowledge!

It looks like a trap primer to me.


For us non-plumbers:


@mwilles is this an appropriate location and install for a trap primer?

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Thomas I’ve only installed trap primers on commercial jobs. The inlet for the trap primer should come from a water source that will experience a sudden drop in pressure when activated such as a urinal or water closet flushometer valve.

I doubt this trap primer has been very active of effective.


Thanks Martin. Sort of my head scratching thinking… :wink:

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Interesting, I did not know that.

Last one I saw in a residential application, it came off the water supply pipe above the water heater just as the one pictured. Funny thing, it was obviously defective for it ran more like an open spigot than a primer.

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Now what are you other inspectors answering what question about? Loose ends everywhere. But, you answered a question on what?
I’m not sure what the question is, but it appears you guys have syphered through it.
I don’t have a problem with what I see , it is what I don’t see is the question.
What a bunch of puppies… Yep!

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Roy is asking where the line off that trap primer is actually going (not disclosed in the OP). Had that question myself.

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Agree. I don’t see anything resembling a “trap primer” or “water hammer resistor” either!


I think this is the component in question…maybe I am missing something. I would like to know the location of the trap it is priming. As an inspector, I would try very hard to find it because the primers fail.


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For clarity sake… this pic was not posted/visible at the time I replied to the original post (with only one visible photo).



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