Corrosion on supply plenum

Looking for a little help to know what might have caused this corrossion on the supply plenum. There is also a bathroom above it, old leak or is it furnace related.

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Many possibilities, Wax ring on a toilet, Plash over from a tub, leaky trap, Condensation from a water supply pipe? does the furnace have a humidification system?

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Exactly, it could be an old leak from the bathroom as I mentioned - I was just wondering what it might be if was caused by the furnace. There is no dehumidification system, most systems around here have a whole house humidifier (which is in the bottom left of the frame and not working) but I haven’t seen that amt of corrossion in the past so I don’t think it’s from the humidifier.

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I think Scott is onto the right source…a leak from above.

I had one at my late mother’s house where a small spot on the drop ceiling tile alerted me to a leak. I popped out the ceiling tile and right above that was a 4" cleanup with a screw-in plug. And low and behold there was a drip coming off the joint, there.

So, I unscrewed it, applied some plumber’s dope to the threads and screwed it back in…fixed! And got a spare tile, where I had stashed a few when I built the house for my parents, and put it in…done. Or, so I thought.

I came over about a couple weeks later and saw the beginning of another water stain. Sheet, I thought, and went upstairs directly above there and the was the master bath and the commode and tub were in close proximity. So, I wiggled the toilet and it moved more than it should and easier, too. I picked up a wax ring w/flange and the next time I was over there I installed that…done!.. I thought.

The next time I came over, I saw that spot getting bigger…SHEEEEET! I popped out several tiles and tried to source the leak and it seemed to be coming from the commode. So, I went back into her bath and knew it wasn’t coming from the commode and looked at the tub. Was there small crack the water leaked through, when weight was in the tub, and wandered over to the commode area? I couldn’t find it and I spent at least an hour looking at the bottom area of the tub.

Then my Mom died.

When we were cleaning out the house, I found the leak spot. It was about 14" above the tub floor. It was a small indented crack where her knee appeared to have hit it right behind the shower curtain.

She loved to take a bath every day with a little olive oil in the water and pray. And at almost 90 years old, she must have slipped and hit the side of the tup with her knee and damaged it enough to where it only leaked when the bath water sloshed and reached that spot. My sibling, who lived with her in her old age never heard anything and I was not a good enough detective to move the shower curtain TOTALLY out of the tub. LOL

So, Steve, I think your leak is/was from the bathroom above.

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Yes siree, Steve! It could very well be that.

Due to the chocked filters, or blocked duct, or maybe for whatever reason, if the air flow is restricted, then there will be chance of sweating. As the air flow is reduced, the temperature of the air goes below the dew point and causes sweating.

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