County Inspections

So the County Inspection program only lasted one year and it is gone - What was the point of this? The folks that just happened to build during this time had to pay the inspectors for the three inspections. That is just bad luck.

If I am wrong on all this - please let me know.

Chris, TRCC and County Inspections have been embroiled in controversy since the inception of TRCC. Most believe the concept started out with honorable intentions but quickly fell victim to the big builder (i.e. Bob Perry) money and lobby. Once the TRCC and eventually the County Inspections were in place many felt the end result was huge hinderance to the Texas new home buyer and gave him little protection or recourse against shoddy building practices. Apparently the Sunset Commission agreed with that assesment and advised for the abolishment of the TRCC last year. The current legislature didn’t fight that too hard and allowed the TRCC to be abolished. Now, don’t confuse the County Inspection program with normal phase inspections that a buyer that is having a home built would be wise to get. Remember, the builder paid for and pretty much controlled the County Inspections whereas the Buyer pays for phase inspections and the inspector is working only for the buyer in that case. There is still some uncertainty and a lot of speculation as to what might become of the County Inspections in the future.

Mike - Thanks for clearing the fog. I just could not believe a government program was abolished. That also explains about the Phase inspections.

TRCC told me that it was now left up to the individual county if they wanted to run some type of County inspection. Do you know if Harris County is doing something?

Thanks again - I am such a newbie you wil have to bear with me.

Chris Mainka

My understanding is that there will be a few counties funded for some type of County Inspections but they are all counties with colonias located in the valley. It is highly unlikely that any other counties will fund such an endeavor during these lean times. So, no, don’t look for Harris County to require anything. That doesn’t mean you can’t go looking for phase inspections for buyers if you are qualified though.