Good Afternoon friends,
I am wanting to see if anybody wants to adopt me for 2 weeks in the San Antonio/Austin area. I am wanting to get hands on training as i have already fufilled my 448 education credits. But believe that hands on training beats schooling anyday. Therefore, i am looking for somebody to adobt me for 2 weeks to mentor me to be the best home inspector i can be. I live in El Paso and plan to do business in El Paso only for those wondering. Any helping hand would be appreciated.

Isaac Quezada
pm me for contact information

Location: Texas is a “mouthfull”!!


David, he’s in El Paso. It’s in his post/comment.

Issac, add that (El Paso) to your forum info, so it shows up on all posts.
Why do you want to be adopted in San Antonio/ Austin for 2 weeks, if you are staying in El Paso??? Are adoptions down there?:mrgreen:
I wouldn’t mind you riding w/ me on some inspections, but you sure the hell aren’t staying with me for 2 weeks.:smiley: I’ve got a young man that I am mentoring that already comes on some inspections w/ me. The more the merrier. My contact info is in my website that is listed in signature.

Joe Keresztury,
Most businesses dont want incoming competition. Which is why i am willing to travel to San Antonio. I Have Family and Friends that i would stay with when i am not at work with you. Also, i could follow you around in my truck if space is an issue. we will be in touch soon

by the way i appreciate your position to educate a new comber in this business

Your theory makes sense about incoming business competition in your home town. I have no problem with helping new inspectors that do live in my area w/ no charge, as I hear some inspectors do charge. So, I welcome you or others to come on my inspections. You need to know though that I specialize in new home construction inspections. 80-90 percent of my inspections are new home inspections. But of course the new home pre move in inspections and warranty inspections are closelly related to your basic pre owned home inspections.

Come to my “Advanced Marketing for Texas Inspectors” talk at the University of Phoenix in Houston, TX on August 16, hosted by TPREIA.

When are you coming to San Antonio for your talk?

Isn’t Houston pretty close to San Antonio?

It’s 200 miles.
So I guess no San Antonio date is in the near future? If you did a combo Austin/ San Antonio visit in the future it might be good to do it in San Marcos, in between the 2 cities on IH35. Which is maybe 45 minutes from NE S.A. and only 30 minutes from Austin. Just a suggestion to capatalize on both cities in one visit.

LOL folks that aren’t from Texas always seem to think everything is “close”. Nick you and Joe should consider an Austin trip sometime!!

Goerge, I guess you didn’t like my idea of splitting a future visit split between San Antonio and Austin half way in between in San Marcos?
Or you just didn’t read my comment?