Courier left Thermal Camera at Door!

I purchased the TIR last week and was awaiting delivery, well I was out Thursday afternoon and arrived home to find a box sitting on my front step by my door. I said to myself that it could not possibly be the camera because nobody would leave something worth many thousands of dollars on the front porch not requiring a signiature or confirmation of delivery. Well it sure was the camera, I called the supplier and the couriers to explain what they did with this camera and that they really need to review their shipping policies for an item like this because if I was not so honest I would just say I never received the shipment and someone would be sending me a second camera. The customer service rep from the supplier was stunned and is arranging for the shipping manager to call and speak to me next week. Any way I am having fun playing with the camera and I am quickly realizing how important the training was to help understand and interpret some of what you see, and I have a meeting with my brother-in-law and his partner to demonstrate the camera. They have a window and door company(manufacture and install their own) and are interested in using me from time to time to do before and after scans of properties to show the differences to clients when they have changed their windows and doors.

Study up on the procedure to determine “R-value” and how to scan glass.

This is a complicated scenario at first, but will show dramatic results between different grades of windows.

I installed triple pane windows throughout my house and there is a significant difference in the thermal scan.

Yes, Jerry, there are differences but don’t get into the trap used by window manufacturer’s about how much air leakage and heat are lost through the regular windows with an outer storm or interior Magnetite/similar. In 1985/6, had this discussion with our vinyl window manufacturer/supplier (a very successful German engineer) when we were one of his first dealers here. We would not sell the windows on energy savings firstly as his ads were saying…the payback was too long (usually 20+ years) and there were much better energy saving options to be carried out on the houses we were quoting on.

The ecoENERGY grants now recognize this…if you put a small $300 or larger $1000 retrofit window into a house, you still only get a $60 rebate ($30 federal and $30 provincial here; maybe only $30 in your area…don’t know your programs). If you insulate the attic or walls, you get $400-600 and up to $1500 for doing all your main house walls…much better savings to be had there. Don’t forget the large contribution proper comprehensive airsealing can make to house comfort and savings.

Congrats on the new IR camera.

Who did you get the TiR from. What kind of $$$$$

Thanks for the info David and Brian, it is something we are looking at to see if what I can pick up with the camera would be something that can be viably used by them in marketing and as a quality control measure. Going to be some practice runs on some homes before it gets marketed in any way by them.

Dan after taxes and shipping it rang in close to the $5,000 mark. Combined sales taxes up here ring in at about 13% so it adds a big chunk to the end price.

I know of no viable way to calculate true R-value using thermography as we only see wall temperatures at a moment in time, not over time.

Regarding windows, they can be specular and comparisons, unless carefully handled, can be challenging. Here is a shot from inside showing single, double and low-E window

Thermally yours,

John Snell
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No doubt!

Not looking really looking to do R-values or judge the glass portion because they have already passed a audit certification rating for their windows, but more the surrounding portion for air infiltration and heat loss, and moisture issues. But thanks for the help.