Crack in Brick

Hello all,

Have a few concerns post the inspection…The inspector noted “Watch” for these items, but wanted to get a few additional opinions. There are two separate cracks on the garage front face (brick is just on front of home) that have me worried. I have a picture of one, but marked where the other is too (both in red). They are both about the same thickness. The house was built in 2007, and is on a crawl (garage is on a slab). During the inspection we were unable to look at the foundation walls due to snow and on the inside it was covered with insulation board. Possible Foundation issues? Next steps?

Also in the house there were two drywall cracks, one vertical straight by a tape seam, the other was diagonal, thin, and only about 6 inches coming from a bathroom door top right frame. Furthermore, there was a spot where on the ceiling towards the middle of the house and it looked like 4 drywall screws were popping.

Where are you located here in central Missouri those would be normal cracks from freeze and thaw. Likely not structural.

Northern Ohio. That’s my biggest concern is structural… and the fact we couldn’t fully inspect the crawl is concerning… No where else on the front but the garage has cracks, Rest of the house is siding.

looks like typical settlement cracks. The first photo looks like someone “tuck-pointed” the mortar in an attempt to repair, or cover, the crack. Doesn’t look like a huge concern.

The digaonal drywall cracking above doors is also common, caused by settling.

I agree pretty typical, also I believe the brick is “veneer” brick is it not?
In other words, the brick is just siding over the real structure which is wood

If your concerned about structural, get a structural engineer to take a look. Around here cost 350-550. That’s the best way to get definitive answer. Just from pictures, I would say tuck point and good to go. That’s a pretty small crack. Ask your inspector to come back (for additional fee) to check crawl. If your concerend there may be issues.