CRACKS above garage

**I inspected a property in Gainesville and discovered a series of structural cracks. These cracks are 1/4" or larger in some cases. It appears that someone have been monitoring theese cracks. No contact yet. I have requested to the REALTOR to contact owner to provide any info or data relative to the cracks study if available (Short sale house). The cracks are more noticeable above the garage brick header section, settlement/sink hole?? The interior garage header does NOT show any cracks. The garage concrete floor shows a longitudinal separation at the footer (Fracture). The concrete foundation is a monolithic type. Another concrete fracture (1/4" +) was found in the master bathroom water heater closet concrete floor. Crack monitoring gauges were found in 6 different places. The cracks are pretty much located on the East and South East of the house. All windows and doors operate satisfactory. The Garage door open and close satisfactory. Advising the client to hold until any documentation relative to the crack study is provided. A study of this magnitud is quite costly. **

The downspout with the big hole in the ground may have something to do with the cracks.

Eric, some errosion has occured at that point, no question asked. However, all the planters have been covered with pine nuggets. What is interesting about this particular case is that other cracks are also shown on the opposite side of the garage (same plane). The large displacement of the right structural column of the garage will require to lift (helical piers most likely should be used) the foundation in that corner. Anyhow, this is a deal breaker. My client really wants this house beacuse of the location of the property and the stunning floor plan. I do not know of any cheap way to repair the deflection other than lifting the foundation at that particular point. The longitudinal crack along the same plane towards the back of the garage it is also of concern. This separation leds to belive that a footing fracture has occured along the wall. The rotation noticed on the header indicates displacement of the foundation. Is it stable? No idea. Without a copy of the engineering study done I can not properly advise my client other than to walk away. There is no information present at the house that can tell us who installed the crack gauges.

Thanks for posting this interesting situation. Even if you can repair the damage by elevating back into place the source of the problem is still the earth underneath right?

Absolutelly. Most likely a Geaologist shall be hire to ascertain this issue. We will see how it will turned out. Great case to watch. Will the owner come forward with the data and info or will he let the bank take over and let it be?

Possibly a sink hole issue John? No there homes with similar cracks nearby?


No lintel.

The angles iron (LINTEL) or HEADER is to be applied ON TOP a course of brick extending out 4"inches past the opening.
acting like a header.

Think of how Jack studs work with a header.
Same idea TO CARRY LOAD.

The lintel is 4" inches wider then the opening on the last OPEN course of brick.
Then the opening is closed coursed with the lintel 4" wider on each side of the opening with the brick laid on top.
The 4" ?
What is holding up the lintel is the 4" half bond (stretcher bond) of brick. Like 2/4" jack studs on a header!
The jack stud is just to give you an idea and not literal.
The king on the outer and the jack stud inside carrying the header.

Look at the layout of a proper set lintel. Bad brick job. An estimate.

Do not think I work like that.

I need more pics if you have them.
There is a pressure crack in photo 2 and 3.
Any photo of that area will do.

Pictures sent. They are in your office inbox.

Got them.
I will phone you.