Cracks Foundation Wall and Floor

This potential buyer walked away from this deal due to the observed cracks. Would these cracks scare you guys away? Would any of you be comfortable buying the home and sealing the cracks and calling it a day. Or would you be worried about water infiltration (evidence of stain) and unknowns due to these cracks.


I would have to investigate further, a home inspector would likely call for an engineer.

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I think the water intrusion issue is the concern. Much more than the structural concern. And just sealing the cracks isn’t going to cure that problem. I would probably walk too, just because I wouldn’t want to deal with the exterior corrections.
The cracks in the slab aren’t as big a concern, as that is a separate pour. That big crack in the floor and at the corner doesn’t necessarily mean the home is settling…

Depends on the price… if I liked the area and everything else, it would come down to price.

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