Cracks in 2yo Slab

When we closed on our new construction home two years ago, there were lots of hairline cracks in the slab. We had two inspectors come out, even had one come out right after the slab was poured, and they said it was fine, but that if we were ever concerned about shifting they could come out and do a more in depth future study. The cracks in our garage are what worry my husband most, as it seems to be expanding. I’ve attached pictures of how wide the crack is at the widest. It doesn’t seem thin enough to be hairline, but all the forums I’ve read say don’t worry until it’s 1/8th"+ wide. The crack runs along the entire length of the garage floor, turns along the corner where it stair steps up, and then a crack there looks like it goes into the house but it really just dead ends. There is another similar crack in another place in the garage.

Also, we have cracking tiles in our mudroom (off garage) and in our foyer (other side of the house).

All walls and windows and doors are fine.

Summer where we are located is usually very dry, and it was very dry for about two months, but we’ve received a lot of rain over the last month.

Is this something we should be concerned about?
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The garage cracks do not look alarming and I wouldn’t worry about them with what I can see. If you are wondering whether they are expanding, attach (hot glue, etc.) a flat piece of wood on one side of the crack so that it spans over the crack, gluing it on just the one side. Then mark the crack sides width on the flat piece of wood and wait to see if it gets wider by watching the marks.

Is it a concrete slab or wood frame construction under the cracked tiles area?

It is concrete and post tension.
The back of the slab is 9’ approx so it was poured in two stages. The front (under garage) is only about 8" or normal level to ground. The inspector we had out a few years ago measured and said it was level though.

Hard to tell from pics, but with the slab being post tensioned I would have a structural engineer take a look at it.

I agree. Mostly because the tile is failing in another area.