Crawlspace floor joist deterioration?

This condition was found at the very top of a few joists in the laundry area. Anyone ever seen anything like it? Causes? There was evidence of trapped moisture in this area (notice flooring nails), however, joist were intact, as well as areas in question. House built in '57.

Looks like damage from beetles. Did you see any insect activity or indications of active infestation? The joists may have had that damage prior to being installed.

No other signs of insects.

I agree, looks like WDI to me also.

I’m with Vince, may be damage prior to install.

How would you comment on it? Additionally, what would you say about black stains around rusted nails. Rest of the crawlspace looked great, minus this one area under the laundry room, and it was all open to the rest of the crawlspace (not a separate area).

Another pic. I still find it hard to believe that it might be from insects, although I could be wrong due to location, and how uniform it is. Almost, seems like a condition with the wood itself, it was almost a “honey-comb” texture. Regardless, thanks for all the replies and insight.

It looks like a pre existing condition in the lumber, I’ve seen this before in discount lumber,good clear wood is getting harder and harder to find.

Have seen some wood that looked like this before in older trees…the heartwood had just begun to rot. In this lumber, grading may have missed it or it was not graded at all.

Any leaks at washer above?

Take InterNACHI’s WDI test. Some of that infested wood was imported years ago. Probably not active, but I would call it out, and suggest further evaluation if you do not have WDI certification.

I had the seller (realtor) question my client why I reported this one the way I did. (further evaluation by a structural contractor or structural engineer). They claim they hired a contractor to make repairs prior to the inspection.

Robert, is that a (double wye) tee in the back ground? What is it serving? Cleanout? Doesn’t look right from here.

I’m thinking (hoping) it’s for the central vac!

Its for the central vac.

It is white rot, not associated with insects at all and it probably is not active but should be reported (I would have hit the area with an ice pick or screwdriver) report the presence of fungi and the condition of the wood. It’s got nothing to do with insects of that I’m sure.