Crawlspace foundation "straps (?)"

In the photos there are evenly spaced “straps” along one side of block foundation. I could not get close enough to fully evaluate them. They appear to be possibly bonded or glued to the foundation. From the outside where block is visible there are no signs of any repair of any kind. If you can see in far side of one photo, there is same type of “bonding” with out the yellow strap. That is indeed a repair and evident from outside showing same type of material. From what I could see when in the crawl, there is nothing attached to these things. No issues noted that might have anything to do with these as far as obvious foundation wall leaning or cracks or the like.

Can someone help identify?

Likely for a foundation crack here is a link with some information

That is what I am leaning (no pun) toward. The yellow tape or whatever that extends up past foundation is throwing me for a loop. In all the inspections, this is a first seeing this.


Modular or Manufactured Home? Looks like strapping that could have been used when placing the home (come-a-long strap to fine tune position on foundation).

No. 1910 home, foundation is block.

Then the home most likely had the original (stone) foundation replaced with CMU’s, and the straps are from when the home was raised to accomplish the replacement.

No question what this strap is, just don’t know the exact method of how it was used.

Maybe the home was moved and this was the tie-down system used on the newer foundation.

That crawlspace looks huge, any reason you couldn’t get there to see them?

BTW mark I was commenting on the black fiber not the yellow straps . I am thinking like everyone else they probably for the redo to blocks from the stone

Thanks for the input everyone. I appreciate it very much.

The black is carbon fiber and the yellow is fiberglass. This is an epoxy tie-down system used in place of anchor bolts.