Credit Card Machines for Free


Has anyone used the free Credit Machines for Free network, and if so, how is it working, especially in these tough times?

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Dean Conrad

I don’t use the credit swipers. Most of the guys here use PayPal I think instead. I could be wrong though.

Same here. I use to have an older style swiper, but then if you didn’t slide enough there were fees. Then came a yearly additional fee. I dumped it and went to paypal. No need to pay for any programs, yearly fees, or have to enter the clients info. They do it themselves on my website and paypal sends me confirmation. If I don’t use a credit card in any given month there is no fee.

How does PayPal work if you’re at an inspection and the client hands you a credit card?


I still direct them to my website. Don’t need added responsibility of holding their credit info. I just explain that it is more secure for them to enter their own info on a secure site. I won’t release the report to them until I get the confirmation from paypal. Haven’t had an issue with it yet.

Thanks for the information. I saw InterNACHI endorses the Credit Card Machines for Free plan and thought it might be a good deal. As a new inspector, I’m not looking to add any unnecessary overhead.

Also, this Message Board is a great tool. I prefer to test the waters with some of you experienced inspectors – to see what works best – before jumpiong into something new.

Great answers Bobby. We don’t need anymore liability than we already carry.

I agree with Bobby and Ian. PayPal works great for me. Explain to your clients ahead of time that you accept cash or personal check at the inspection or they may pay in advance at your website using PayPal.

Go here and set up a business account.

PayPal Business | Merchant Services for SMBs | PayPal US

My wife had been using paypal for a long time… she informed me that i was spending a lot of money with CardService that I didn’t need to.

Ok, I switched. 7 years and we like it OK (paypal)


We keep the merchant account because we also use credit cards as a backup funding source when billing escrow. When things are really tight more clients take advantage of being able to roll the costs into the escrow account. Since we also charge a fee it’s a win-win.


What is paypals cut? Is it still around 3-5%?


Close to 3%

I have been using Google Checkout. I don’t get many requests to pay with a credit card and as was mentioned with PayPal, there is no charge unless you use it. When you do, they only charge 2% plus 20 cents.

It has worked fine so far. I also think that some people have a perception that PayPal is only used by fly-by-night outfits. I haven’t had any negative comments about Google Checkout though.

We have a reputation box for PayPal… verified transaction… years account open and such. When someone sees it, I think it shows year account was established and number of transactions in last year.

So quite the opposite for me, as far as the fly by night thing, when someone gets an invoice or pays, they can clearly see that we’ve had an account open since 2002. I’ve actually had people say that they felt comfortable knowing that we had been using for awhile.

On the other hand, I use google for HI and other construction venues, I’ve been told by account rep that if I start taking payments thru Google checkout, it will waive checkout costs up to the amount of AdWords money I’m spending… can be up to a few hundred a month.


We’ve setup a system many NACHI guys are using where you can use your website or your cell phone on site as long as it has internet access. Watch