Cricket or no cricket?

Heys guys, so everything I’ve been taught is that a chimney parallel to the roofs edge over 30 inches should have a cricket installed. I do normally mark these up as a defect for not having but wanted to see if you guys mark them as a defect or more of a suggestion. The home was built in 1976 so I’m not sure if that was required back then or not.

I usually do.


Doesn’t matter if required back then. Today it should have one and is now required.
Write it up!!


By who? Are the “cricket police” going to come by? :slight_smile:

OP, I try to stay away from using words like “required” as HIs have no real authority (and most of us like it that way). I see things like that all the time and just write them up as, “A cricket should be installed or the area closely monitored for leakage.” I’ll also explain what a cricket is and that leakage is more likely without one and that “no sign of any past leakage was noted”. I also take into account how far below the ridge the chimney is (great distance down the roof = more water running against it). Sometimes, you’ll find chimneys so close to the ridge that a cricket wouldn’t even fit.


Well good for you!
That doesn’t take away from the fact that in the OP’s situation, a Cricket is required!
09 IRC [903.2.2]
That house may have been built in 1976, but those roof shingles sure as hell are not that old, and a Cricket should have been installed at that time!!


By Jiminey, cricket!


Sorry, I must have missed it… when did codes become retroactive?


I’d be concerned about that god-awful masonry/mortar work.

Prove they weren’t required when the OP’s home was built or that roof was replaced!

Typical Oregonian.
Were you born in one of those communes outside of Ashland??

So when facts and reason aren’t on your side you turn to third grade insults… nice job man! Hope your day gets better.

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Cricket helps prevent debris and snow buildup behind the chimney, which can force water back up under the shingles. Nothing to do with codes, just leak prevention. Sound advice today and 200 years ago.


Yup… Yup… Yup!!


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Looks like caulk from here in GA. Not good.

I agree with Matt Fellman and Randy Mayo. Make a recommendation for a cricket and explain why. Personally, I would not write this up as a requirement. You have to keep in mind that your residential Inspection is not a Code Inspection.


Agreed. The reason should (rarely) be “code”, rather “it’s a good idea”. In this case the debris against the chimney makes the case.

The bigger issue is what @bcawhern1 pointed out:
That needs a counter flashing caulked or leaded into the brick. Caulk does not cut it.

Just like that, KISS (keep it simple :wink: )


I would call it out and recommend a cricket.