Crouse Hinds Panel Culter-Hammer Breakers

This house was built in 1989, Santa Clarita, CA area. Crouse Hinds Panel look original and some breakers have been replaced with newer Cutler Hammer BD 2020 Types BRD & A. Panel label was somewhat difficult to read but the replacement criteria seems kinda vague to me and when I look around on the net, I’m not really getting clear cut info on whether Cutler Hammer Breakers of this type are okay for this panel.
This has been an all to common concern lately - mix/match breakers and panel.
Seems to me that the proper course of action when it comes to panels and breakers, would be to use the RECOMMENDED BREAKERS and REPLACEMENT PARTS THAT THE MANUFACTURER HAS PRINTED ON THEIR PANELS. However, Crouse Hinds does not seem to be clear in this case. WTF???](*,)
If anyone has any insight to this, IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


I would defer.
My criteria for deferring when encountering breakers that don’t seem to belong to the panel:

  1. Is the breaker listed on the panel’s legend?
    if not…
  2. Is it a “Classified” breaker listed for this panel? (look up what that is if you are not familiar )
    If not – defer. Unless I can easily find and provide in clear writing that manufacturer X bought up manufacturer Y AND listed the breakers in question for the Y’s panels, it is not my job (IMHO) to scour the web for additional info – leave it to a licensed sparky.
    Based on the way the breakers “sit” in the panel on the photo #2, they are possibly the wrong breakers – they don’t seem to fit correctly.

Should be fine. Check this out

Well, the table shows which CH Classified breakers are compatible replacements (Part numbers CLxxxx).
The ones on the photo in the OP are not Classified breakers, so still a no-go IMO.

This might help, they have a few good pdfs on what is interchangeable: