Crause-Hinds breakers

Are any breakers other than Crouse-Hinds legal in a C/H panel?
I’ve only run into one so far (yes, I’m new) and it had Cutler Hammers in it.


Their is a list of acceptable breaker models on the cover of most CH Panels. However, Their are really two different types of CH Panels. Their is the “CH” model and the “BR” model and I believe you are speaking of the “BR” models.

I believe their is a list out here I posted some time ago about the use of “classified” breakers in thos enclosures as being acceptable and I will look for it for you and post it unless someone beats me to it.

Download it…Print it…Keep It…

Now, those are for “certified” and “UL” listed replacements. The manufacturer itself will have to tell you which is allowed in their panel because “UL” does not give that wide sweeping allowance. In otherwords just because a Couse-Hinds fits in a new BR panel…does not make it acceptable just because it fits…we would need to buy a new BR breaker to fit that panel…do you get what I am saying here…or did i confuse you.

To be honest, it’s a tad confusing. I have a C/H panel and the label does not specify any breakers. I found this pretty odd.


Then I would say only Cutler Hammer Breakers can go into that panel. Remember, never assume anything and if you don’t know be sure to make that very clear on your report. It is generally not acceptable to take one manufacturers breaker and install it into another ( even if the company bought out the other company ). Now, take Thomas & Betts for example, they may make a CL breaker that is compatible with the BR series of Cutler Hammer and if so they will have it 3rd party tested as such much like the ones I provided for you that are 3rd party UL certified to be used in other panels. They are specific and made for the purpose of replacement only, If the panel in question is new then it is not a replacement anyway and would require new breakers from that manufactuerer be installed within it’s enclosure.

Glad to hear it. That’s what’s in there.


Siemens bought the Crouse-Hinds line from Cooper Ind. & the name was changed back to the original Murray, those would be the OEM replacement, but the Cutler-Hammer BR frame breaker is prob. UL Classified to fit Crouse-Hinds/ Murray panels, the only way to know is to verify it through Cutler-Hammer.

what type (model ) allows double tap …(square D)

name of the model…inspector is on a job site and is asking for help asap…on the question above…

Well I think your inspector has left already…however the ones that I am aware of are Square D “QO” and with Eaton “CH” models.