Current TREC Advisor issue.

That matrix thing sounds great. A home inspector now can know going thru the front door what he’ll be fined IF he doesn’t report a certain defect. That way you could price your inspections accordingly IF the agents want you to 'SOFT SOAP" the report.

Cool … The Texigans think of everything!

The Rule is written in such a way that it allows the agency to disregard it. It is a guideline. Be nice to TREC and they can go easy; be a jerk and they can put you out of business. The matrix is a bad rule. It places the inspector in jeapardy in the civil and regulatory process. E&O will not pay to defend you on the regulatory side and they will not pay fines.

Texas requires ALL defects in the Standards to be reported or the inspector is in violation. Few inspectors can report ALL defects on every job. It is unrealistic. In essence, every inspector violates the Rule on the majority of inspections, even the committee that wrote the rules.

Is a law that cannot be consistently met legal? If not then is a penalty matrix legal?

This is why there are 50 page reports that say nothing.