REI 7A-O Form

I noticed someone using this out dated form . Thoughts?

There is nothing to think about.

If the inspector is using the 7A-0 form he is not even approaching the current minimum inspection requirements outlined by the current SOP.

He will have to adjust further as the new SOP and 7-3 template will likely be approved and put into law by February or March - 2013.

As a courtesy you could talk to the inspector and find out why he is using the 7A-0 (maybe an oversight … I doubt it) as it hasn’t been approved for use since February-2009.

Finally … file a complaint with TREC.

Yup according to TREC we are supposed to turn them in.

I did an inspection on a house that had been inspected a year before by a PE. He had also used that outdated form.

PEs do not have to use anything related to TREC if they so choose.

Albeit, if the PE was also presenting himself as a licensed TREC inspector then he should have used the current/approved forms: 7A-1 and/or 7-2.

Yes TREC wants you to police and report on your colleagues to the politburo so that they may be appropriately retrained through liberal use of the penalty matrix.

So if we follow the rule to its logical conclusion, we are all supposed to report you if you do not report the other inspector as failing to report the non-compliance is non-compliance in and of itself. If we don’t report you then we are required to report each other and ourselves for non-compliance reporting with non-compliance of non-compliance reporting… Of course there there is always the question of what the definition of what “should” is or what “is” is…

If you are sure he is still using the wrong form, I would send him a courtesy note to let him know and be done with it.

In that case I’ll turn you in and you can return the favor :wink: I grew up in a neighborhood where snitches had a very short lifespan so it’s ingrained in my physce to not turn folks in for this kind of thing but it does get under my skin seeing these guys slack.

Thanks for the input. I think some inspectors just don’t pay attention. You think they would but who knows.