Custom Kick-out

New Construction inspection. To me it looks like the roofer took a piece of flat flashing and bent it to make a kickout and it LOOKS terrible but may be functional. Not 4 feet away on the other side of the doorway is a manufactured kick out that looks great. I am torn if I should include this in the inspection or not. I don’t want to be nit picky…Thoughts?

On-site fabrication is common. Quality of workmanship is another story.
I’m sure it will make it to the 1-year warranty expiration. After that?
What do you feel is in the best interests of your client?
That should be what guides you in your business.

Just curious… have you tried submitting your question by clicking the button on the lower right?
I was informed by Staff that it is intended for any questions that we may have.

Thanks…I think Im going to phrase it something like this, “Non-Standard kick out flashing. I recommend monitoring for proper water diversion and to consult a roofing contractor if water doesn’t deflect properly into the gutter.”

I have not…BUT i will now…Thank you.

That was actually a jab at Nachi, but if you do submit the question, please let us know their reply.
(Yes, they did make the above statement to me, that’s no lie).

I have not…BUT I will now.

Your reply would be “something like” my reply also. Mine would just be a bit more thorough.

It looks like in the second picture you can see wood and an area where water can penetrate.

Yes, it should be sealed with an appropriate sealant. You shouldn’t see wall sheathing anywhere on the house, except maybe with a mirror, looking up under the bottom of the siding near the foundation.

I agree. Looks like they came up short on the wrb and lath. I guess the field fabricated kickout needed a touch more tweaking after they plastered up to it. When the bent it, the created a gap all the way to the substrate.

It has been noted on the report. Thank you Gentleman.