Kickout diverters

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We are getting ready to build our house. I talked to a builder in Ohio at a sub-division, they were installing a tile roof. He told me the stucco contractor insisted to use Dryflekt diverters. Does it make a difference?

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For 10 bucks they are the best on the market. Imo

And they allow the gutter to be put on away from the wall.

How are they dealing with your window installation and moisture barriers?

Are you having sill pans installed?

If you are useing OSB for sheathing make sure they space it 1/8 inch on all sides per mfrgrs. specs

I’m keeping a log of things to go over with my Architech, I’ll add these to the list. Thanks.

The reason I asked about the kickouts is because I see stains on almost every house anymore, now that we know what to look for (thanks to you guys). I see where NACHI is always talking about the problems too. The shingle companys I called said we can use it, it don’t void any warranties. But the roofers I called want to put in a metal or never heard of Dryflekt diverters, or kickouts. If the shingle companies say its ok. Why don’t they tell their roofers what to use? I don’t want leaks.

Metal ones can and do work! If they are folded or solderd if they are cut! Most of the ones I have seen are just cut and then folded the wrong direction. With the dryflekt there is no guess work. And as I said it is long enough the gutter can be held away from the wall to prevent back wash if the gutter gets filled up with crud.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll let my Builder, Architech, and roofer know about the dryflekt. Are there any NACHI Inspectors in Ohio that follows the job all the way through Inspections? Or is this done after the fact

Good! you’ve already decided to go with the Dryflekt. Most of kickouts I see are homemade and look like Fido’s behind. Very crudely cut out, and as someone said, installed wrong. With the professionally made ones it is “almost” idiot-proof. You have to try to install it wrong. It does not surprise me that the roofers haven’t ever heard of them. One of the biggest problems we’ve seen is; the roofers say it isn’t their job to install them and the EIFS guys say it isn’t their job to install them so they just end up leaving them out altogether.

It is the roofers 1st. peice of step flashing!

Roofers job!

It is a roofer who came up with the idea!

Bob Givens

The roofers also need to understand if there is a housewrap on the structure it is their job to put their flashings under the wrap not over it! IMO

Dryflekt diverters (kickout flashing) are the best for sure, IMO.

Look here:

Ten bucks up front or tens of thousands in a few years in repairs!

Per intersection!

Real hard choice!

Thanks for your comments. I will use dryflekt, 3 possitive comments from 3 different states, I can take a hint, and I found on the dryflekt website that the architect can download their details right onto my plans. Thats Great! It’s a good thing to here experts discussing problems, and then taking the time to share their findings and helpful solutions.

You’re lucky to have found a roofer who knows what a Kick-out is…

I have only seen a few installed correctly here in Wisconsin. Very few roofers know how to flash anything correctly :roll:and the flashings are often the most important components.

Agreed Arron,

I have just specified dryFlekt kick out on a repair job I am consulting on, non were originally installed, every applicable area of the home I am consulting on has major moisture damage, and every home in the development has the same potential issues (all 240ish of them).

The DryFlekt product is simply the best flashing of its type that can be bought, and at $10:00 a piece is silly cheap in relation to the potential repair costs.



Thanks for the good reviews on our diverters.


More from the media! All flashings are very important!

Hi Bob!

Hi Bob!

All flashings are very important!


All of the others are right on when they speak of taking care of moisture intrusion and I am among those who have been recommending the use of DryFlekt™diverters to clients along with all of the other preventative measures available to today’s consumers.

Here is some info to sink your teeth into and share with your inspector:

  1. Hire a qualified phase inspector to assure your project has over site other than local building department inspections. It may seem like a lot of money but all of my clients realize the value just after the dirt starts to fly.
  2. Follow the words of wisdom provided by the qualified members of this forum; we live this industry to be of service.
  3. Questions are more than welcomed and we all learn when the right question is asked. The only wrong question is the one we don’t ask!
  7. Good luck on your new digs and happy holidays

Carl -

One of the guys just called me this PM and told me Paul Wenske finally got his story in the paper this AM. Front page and half of 2 inside pages. They would not let him mention Tom French or Willow Brook by name - lot of pressure from the Builders upstairs on the paper.

Saw you and I were both quoted. Got a kick out of it - the guys were ribbing me and asking me how many of these type features I’ve landed in or written. Last week I looked at the scrap book AND between the KC Star, St. Louis Post, Jefferson City Paper, The Sun Publications, Channel 5, The Independence Examiner, Channel 41, The Missouri State Realtor Magazine, Boker-Agent Magazine, etc. I’m now at 71 of these since 1994. Whats a joke is, that other than having other Inspectors tell me they saw one the ONLY one that ever did anything for me business wise was last years Stucco Feature on the Front Page of the Star.

Go Figure!!


The one last year was just the tip of the stucco problems. This one was pretty good and let the public know the real problems are bad window,flashing ,and moisture barrier installation.

Until AAMA and ASTM get there heads out of the sand the leaks will not go away.IMO

I liked the part where he said get a private inspector in this one also!

And the codes officials owned up to part of the blame/shame!

Thats a good list Barry.

Add this one to it also from Mn.

Do you have any good links for pool installations or inspection?