Customer Service and Communication for Inspectors Course

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Contact: Director of Education, Ben Gromicko

Thank you.

Interesting things in this course, such as the proper netiquette AND TO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS lol or text talk omg. What are we to do with ourselves oh and no sarcasm. Also, Interesting info on what the Office of consumer affairs says are the statistics on why clients stop using your services. Communication skills must be kept in the forefront I have forgotten about that skill lately. Wow lots of good information. you know what I heard once, “that your either green and growing or your ripe and rotting”.

very cool, thanks


Sounds liek an ineresting course. Loggin in now.

Well, obviously I can’t spell or type. Sorry for the last post.

This course will be a nice little break from crawlspaces and service panels](*,)
Hopefully I can hone my customer service traits!:slight_smile:

I am going to start this course,

It’s a good course for any businessperson to take, not just home inspectors.

Very useful course thank you

This course sounds like it would be applicable in any business , getting ready to find out.

Looking forward to taking this course. Customer service is so important in every business, just can’t learn enough about that!
Thank you, Linda

Great starting quote, sums up customer service, imo.
Thanks InterNACHI!

I’ve been in business for 35yrs and again I learn something new. Thank you, InterNACHI

Is anyone taking the 40 hours in-class training in Jacksonville this month?

Just Starting

I agree with david a cook

Here we go thanks Ben

Another fine course.
Thanks InterNachi for all you do

starting the course