Customized marketing video on your website for $5.

Put a customized marketing video on your website for $5 (InterNACHI members only).

Home inspectors are diversifying their services and offering home maintenance inspections. NACHI.TV has produced customized videos for inspectors who perform home maintenance inspections and include a home maintenance book with their service.

For more information, check out
Optional deal: With the purchase of 40 home maintenance books, we’ll build your video for free (InterNACHI members only).

Bad link Nick.

Eric Jones from Affordable Home Inspections got a customized video for $5.

Looks great.
I would be all over this except for one thing…
On every page of the downloadable info, your info and links to your biz page are there. I don’t mind (and expect) your “authored by” and “copywrite” info being there (at the beginning and end), but not on every single page. I want my clients to see “MY” info, or none at all. Certainly no links to where they can get the other info/stuff themselves. I want them to call me for their needs.

Sorry, here it is:

All fixed.
Check out the downloads now. Consumer-friendly.
my first client

Ben, have you tried playing these on your iPhone?

won’t work
iphone plays only certain types of videos. it’s a format thing. there’s a big battle going on in the video format world between flash and h264. we’ll see who wins in the next year. iphone doesn’t have an application to download that will allow those HD movie videos of NACHI.TV to play on an iPhone. maybe they’ll make one soon.

John,wait a second…
i just found a way… i think… using iTunes.
i’ll work on it.
If I can get it to work, I’ll yell it out.
Thanks for asking!

Email sent:

Hello Ben,
I am ready to get going with your $5 Marketing Video, but I have another question/request.
Scattered in a few places in the downloads, there are links to:
Is it possible to have this link go to a “consumer” page, without the pricing and shipping info, or eliminated alltogether? I feel that going to the mentioned link “cheapens” the “perceived value” of the book. I would prefer the “potential client” doesn’t click on the link to find a book for $2.20 valued at $6.99. They may think our serviced are just as cheap. They may feel they can go to Lowes or HD, purchase a $20 book, and perform the maintenance inspection themselves.


Very nice Ben. Thank you !!!