Marketing Video Customized For Your Business

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I have to admit Ben, that is a really good idea and a good deal. Thanks. It was worth my $5 just to try it out to see how it works.

Eric Jones from Affordable House Inspections has a video of his own

Looks great.
I would be all over this except for one thing…
On every page of the downloadable info, your info and links to your biz page are there. I don’t mind (and expect) your “authored by” and “copywrite” info being there (at the beginning and end), but not on every single page. I want my clients to see “MY” info, or none at all. Certainly no links to where they can get the other info/stuff themselves. I want them to call me for their needs.

Well… that’s not a problem. Excellent request.
I’ll change each file asap. Be done probably tonight. I’ll make each download file as plain as can be. Thanks. (ps… just email me at, I don’t always catch important requests on various posts.)

Check out the downloads - all consumer friendly -

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