Cut joists and plates

What do you guys think of these cuts by a plumber re-routing a relatives plumbing in a townhome?

WTF :shock::shock: The top plate I don’t have a problem with but the floor joist and wall stud I do. Why in gods name did he do all that? From your photos it looks like he went back to the same place and he cut everything to do it. Looks like a crap plumbing job to boot. As a plumber he should have known better than to cut all that. Iam sure someone else will chime in.

He had to re- route the toilet because the neighbor installed a vacuum assist toilet and was siphoning her toilet. At first I was drawn to the top plate being a double plate and it was cut which makes me a little nervous but like you said not as much as the joist and stud. He actually told her that it was not a load bearing wall. I wonder what is holding up those joists? Air? Thanks for your reply

He still could have went straight and made a bump out wall. Besides he is a plumber not a carpenter, and I have had plenty of plumbers tell me they aren’t allowed to cut any joists any more. At least the ones I have worked with, so a bump out it is or a soffit.

Frankly, it is sad :(…he sure saved his relative a bunch of money. :roll:

Report what you see. :shock:

Put a sawsall in the wrong hands, and that is what you get. :wink:

This plumber was hired by the association. I told her show the association the pics and say that the plumber altered an apparent load bearing wall, and it should be evaluated by a qualified professional.

Is it just me, or do the joists look burnt?..3rd pic

Marks from a Sawzall blade.

geez such violence!