Cutout for toilet drain

Also posted in structural. Does this look kosher? The joist is about 2" thick and 7" wide. It looks like the cutout is more than 1/3 of the width of the beam. One joist is supported with some extra lumber, but it still doesn’t look that great.



Over drilled and cracked too

So, what’s the remedy? Would sandwiching it in OSB do the trick? How far on both sides?

How would that correct the oversized hole diameter.?

By hopefully strengthening that area. With an engineered joist, you can cut the hole as large as you want - I believe.

Maybe it needs to be sandwiched with an LVL?

It’s not acceptable the way it is and needs reinforcement with a product like THIS

Here is a animation Choose the hole reinforcer

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Mike I wonder what was done before this newfangled invention.

Sister or replace and move the pipe,correct?

Better planning to start with.
Deeper floor structure to accommodate notching or holes is another.

Mike ,I meant after the fact.

Additional floor joist spaced closer together under engineering supervision.


Additional Floor Joist spaced closer would just mean that the local plumber would have to cut more holes.:mrgreen:

I didn’t say how far apart they would have to be;-)