"notched" floor joist

I just wanted to share this one I found today. This joist was in a 2007 built home, just below a bathroom. Who needed that joist anyway?


Good catch!

How did you reported it?

One or more engineered joists were notched or had holes cut in them in such a way as to significantly weaken the joist(s). Limitations on modifying joists in the field vary depending on the manufacturer, but general guidelines often include these restrictions:

  • Top and bottom flanges should never be cut, drilled or notched.
  • The maximum-sized hole cut into the web should not exceed the distance between the flanges minus 1/4 inch.
  • The longest side of a rectangular hole should not exceed 3/4 of the maximum-sized hole allowed.
  • Holes should not be cut closer than 1/8 inch to either flange.
  • No more than three maximum-sized holes are allowed per span.
  • For multiple holes, the distance between adjacent hole edges must exceed twice the diameter of the largest round hole or twice the length of the longest side of any rectangular hole.
  • Ideally, holes should be centered on the middle of the web.
  • Ideally, rectangular holes should have rounded corners.

I recommend that a qualified contractor evaluate and repair as necessary, and per the joist manufacturer’s specifications. Note that the inspector cannot determine if modifications to engineered joists comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Including at a joist below the downstairs bathroom area.

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Don’t ya just love plumbers… idiot… that show’s he had zero common sense…

That one needs an engineer approved repair

Found another one today. Same builder, fortunately this inspection was for a family that hired me before the home warranty was up. I did go down the street and speak with the project supervisor and inform him that they appear to have a plumber who hates joists. :cool:




Nope, they have a supervisor that doesn’t know how to layout the floor system to accommodate major drain lines or toilet placement.:cool:

Builders are just “too busy” to actually manage their jobs anymore.

No, that project supervisor is not doing his job!

At least the second photo was a neat hack job, as opposed to the ugly hack job in the original post photo.