D-DAY, JUNE 6th, 1944

Man, how soon we forget!

D-Day, June 6, 1944 was a day when so many of our young American servicemen gave their lives. Not to mention all of our allies to include the British and the French underground.

“Saving Pvt. Ryan” was a good movie and a good example of what so many of our servicemen went through.

Let us all take a moment to remember them and send a prayer that they may rest in peace.

My Daily Prayer
Oh God, please bless all of our American servicemen and women, most especially those in Iraq and in Afghanistan and those serving in other countries where people would seek to harm them.
Please give them clarity of mind, clarity of vision, quick physical reactions, and peace in their heart.
Please give them good cold drinks, hot food that “tastes good”, and warm – safe – comfortable place to sleep.
We ask these blessings in your name… Amen.

Amen Frank

I find it very sad to watch the " Greatest Generation" passing on. We go to our local parades to cheer on all of the veterans. The numbers of WWII veterans marching is dropping incredibly fast from parade to parade! We all need to thank our veterans whenever and wherever we see them. We have taught our kids to do that and it is a good feeling when you see how appreciative the veterans are.

Never makes the front page of the local paper anymore, so sad!