Daizuki Air Handler & Heat Pump

All, I was hoping to obtain some assistance. Based on the serial #s below. Can anyone tell me the month and year of manufacture of these Daizuki units?

  1. Air Handler: The Model # AHC36H14, the Serial # SFF0FDLARX014000901

  2. Heat Pump: The Model # CAC3613H14, the Serial # SFF0WDLBLXD001004641

The units were installed last week. I can’t seem to get too much assistance out of the distributor of the units. If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have a clear photo of the complete data tag?

You asked for images - is there more than just a serial # needed to ascertain the date with this manufacturer? Here are the images.

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From what I can find, the date of manufacture of a Daizuki is not encoded in the serial number, its typically stamped on the data tag. I’ve never seen that brand before.

Possibly the dates at the bottom right corners.


It is a mystery for certain. It came from Everwell out of Miami if that adds any color.

These units may have been older stock recently installled. It looks like a date format at the bottom right corners.

Did you try contacting Tech Support? 1-800-226-9550

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I did call tech support here is what the guy told me. Manufactured sometime in 2021 - 2022. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

Were you commenting Barry?

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Manufactured 2020, 10th month, 29th day. I could be wrong on the date.

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let’s give ry the benefit of the doubt & allow the owner of the unit to contact the mfr for the accurate information

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