Damage to house during home inspection or viewing

WHO did it? lol Who caused the damage… Mr Green, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock?

…a day after the home inspection, the homeowner stopped by the house and found damaged parging, rebar underneath exposed… they forked out $800

‘Ideally the listing agent will be present for all inspections and viewings’, ohhhh lol

MN, homeowner came home to a flooded basement… $50,000 in repairs, insurance covered $37,000

Luckily, in Florida we have this from the FARBAR contract:

If this Contract is terminated or the transaction contemplated by this Contract does not close, Buyer shall repair all damage to Property resulting from Buyer’s inspections, return Property to its pre-inspection condition and provide Seller with paid receipts for all work done on Property upon its completion. This provision shall survive termination of this Contract.

Many inspectors think they can run roughshod over someone elses property. In the scenario posted, the Buyer would have had to pay for the repairs…which would probably mean said buyer would either want some sort of compensation from the inspector, or would not consider using him again…