Contractors at inspection

I am looking for advice on dealing with contractors and others showing up at the time of the inspection to gather information for estimates of repairs for the new buyer. I worry about my increased liability if something is damaged or stolen. I never gave it much thought until last week when 3 different contractors showed up and no RE agent present.

If the real estate agent or home owner are not present I would tell them they will have to leave, I would not be responsible for their actions

What if it’s the contractors that tell you to leave? If they are there someone told them to be there. It’s not your responsibility.

I go about my business, they go about theirs. The only issue I have is when they show up, expecting me to provide entry to the home. If I have not been informed of their arrival beforehand, I refuse, and instruct them to contact whoever called them. They sometimes get pissed, but usually understand when I explain the situation to them.

In my situation, the new buyers asked them to come during the inspection. In my opinion I think they should get permission from the listing agency, just like I need to and they should be supplied the lock box combo to get in. I think I would be responsible if something is stolen and I don’t have time to watch over them while doing my job.

I simply ask them if they have a combo or key. If the answer is no I tell them that I can not allow them entry and ask them to leave. Sorry, but I do not have authority to allow you to enter.

Ron, I am a little confused as to why the Buyer would request 3 contactors to price out repairs, when the home inspection has not been performed yet to reveal what conditions of the property actually need pricing for repairs. :slight_smile:

Ok electrician its your turn, oh wait I mean plumber :slight_smile: can you just guess how long this inspection is going to take ??? No way inspection first then call the contractors.

They are planning to remodel the bathroom and kitchen and redo the flooring.

Well then, might as well skip those areas in your report to shorten it up. :mrgreen::wink:

Marcel, I just did an inspection where I had an electrician and a HVAC contractor present. The buyer did this because of poor inspectors suggesting further evaluations. I rarely do this, my reports always list the issue, implications if not corrected, and then get it done. I only ask for a further evaluation if I cannot handle it myself.

This client has bought four other houses in the past and I was their fifth inspector. I ended up finding more issues than the other two contractors and smoothing over issues the electrician brought up that really were not issues.

The end result was a new testimonial which I put on my Facebook and the front page of my site.

Don’t sweat the contractors, just do your job. You will probably do a better one than them.:slight_smile:

I am not worried about Contractors being there, hell I might even teach them a thing or too. :mrgreen:
I was just question and curious why they would be there at the same time of the inspection, and not after the report is available.
I never have referred for further evaluation, I usually have done that already, I just tell them to get estimates for repair from the trade contractor it involves. ;):slight_smile:

I re-read my post and I think I directed more of it towards you than I wanted to…sorry.

I know that you understand the importance of proper reporting. A good deal of the post was general info.:oops:

:)Hey, no problem here. I would have fun if that situation occurred;)

If the contractors were sent there by someone with athority to do so then they are responsible for thier own actions.

If the contractors are sent by the buyer for convienience of entering at the same time. I do not feel that I should be placed in a position of babysiting, and would inform them that I will not give access to the home without notice from the owner of the property.

The only contractors I give access to the home, are my subs. If they aren’t working on with me, then it’s someone elses responsibility…

With me, there wasn’t a liability issue. The sellers agent was there and okay-ed them being there.