Daylight Savings Going Permanent

Oh my gosh! Heaven forbid you gotta make a call to someplace on the East Coast right when they open, otherwise you wait 4 1/2 hours on hold if you don’t!

I just stay up

I do that anyway. During the week anyway. Doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Like you, being a little more northern, winter time makes for short days.

I’m curious what folks even further North think about it. I was in Alaska during the first week of July back in '08. It never even got dark.

@jfudge how’s it up your way in the summer?

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Sunrise to sunset is around 5:20 am to 9:10 pm in the summer months. However, you can see outside by roughly 3:40 am and up until around 11 pm.


Okay! My take…

  • Congress is not asking the constituents nor me;
  • I am glad they got this done and out of the way…
  • They NOW may find some TIME during the LIGHT of the DAY to do their JOB…!

Yeah! This may have an impact on productivity at work…!! In the 50’s…. Come’n… we (Scientists) already invented LIGHTS (LEDs) and we are well into the THREE SHIFTS/24/7 at any manufacturing floor…

Now, when it comes to ‘Home Inspections’… Don’t we all work during sunlight hours already…? I personally don’t do exterior inspections before dawn or after dust…!

So “Dear Congressmen, Get to work on What it really matters…!”

Remember ‘Hugo Chavez’… His socialist Revolution? Well he did just that… He moved the Clock 30 minutes forward in that trouble country, Yeah! 1/2 Hour…! Really clever…! and three years later they went back to the ‘good old time schedule’ while they got the minimum wage for the regular worker down to $3/Month, Yeah! THREE BENJAMINES…!


You need to watch your money more closely! Benjamin Franklin is on a 100 dollar bill! George Washington is on a ONE dollar bill. There was a three dollar gold coin in the US from 1854 - 1889. The Venezuelan Bolivar has Simon Bolivar on the bills.

Everybody knows that if we have longer daylight hours, that we will be able to grow more vegetables with less cow farts for the new climate conscience, meatless Society that we live in!

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We should just use one and drop the other! This may not go well in other areas of the world where latitude can limit daylight. George Hudson, a London born entomologist who adopted New-Zealand, is credited with having it adopted.

And here is a time zone quiz: a) West coast state; b) East coast state. Only a one hour time difference between. Which states?


Obviously the Mississippi River would be the divider… and then Minnesota and Louisiana would be ‘frucked’… (what else is new)?!!

Never understood why people get worked up over the time change or now ending it. Light or dark, life still needs to proceed. To me, it’s no different than the people that refuse to turn on heating or cooling until a set date.

Regardless of how you set your time, you can never save it. On the other hand people who have a set date for heating and cooling can save not only money but energy as well.

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Until their pipes freeze and burst as a result of looking at a calendar as opposed to a thermometer.


I have a friend like that, he brags that he didn’t run the heat on until X date even though at night it was 55° in his house. To me his thought process lacks any logic and is actually pretty dumb. I told him that’s the reason that we use thermostats. :roll_eyes:

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I look at it a little different.
Our elected leaders can’t solve any real problems.
How about trying to fix or just repel some of the B.S. that they created.
Keep the faith,


West coast state - Arizona (doesn’t observe daylight savings)

East coast state - Florida (portion of state is in central time)

I don’t know if Arizona is considered a west coast state, but it’s the only scenario I could think of when they are on mountain time.

Sorry Tony but no cigar! These two states actually touch the Pacific and the Atlantic!

Love Arizona btw, especially Sedona!


When told the reason for Daylight Saving Time, the Old Indian said,
“Only the government would believe that you can cut a foot off the top
of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and get a longer blanket.”


Oregon and Florida.

And the man gets the cigar!

Absolutely right! Florida has a Central time zone and Oregon has a Mountain time zone (Malheur county if I recall & there may be other areas…)

All the best!


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Note taken, Right! $1 bills are not Benjamines… So sad…! Those are Georgies…!!

Something to consider:,The%20number%20of%20heart%20attacks%20rises%20the%20Monday%20after%20daylight,other%20Mondays%20throughout%20the%20year.

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