De-Winterizing Homes

Is anybody getting alot of requests to de-winterize homes? just curious.

None here!!!


Do you de-winterize Jeff?

No I don’t an agent contacted me about doing it. I told her the bank on the foreclosure should do it

I have been ‘asked’ but I remind the client to check the purchase agreement. There is nothing in it about the buyer, or a service provider to the buyer, to make the property ‘inspect-able’. No pressure is placed on me after that.

Note: I have seen very few homes de-winterized without some type of damage. Today’s house had a broken radiator, and basement had areas with large puddles. Oops, someone forgot to close drains and washer supplies. :wink:


And that, to me, is the big problem. If it wasn’t winterized properly, any issues that arise will be laid at the feet (and checkbook) or the de-winterizer. IMO the same entity that did the winterizing should also do the de-winterizing.

Thank God spring is almost here. :mrgreen::wink:

I arrived at a property I was supposed to inspect and I was told that all of the utilites were on. They were not on, it was bank owned and winterized. I call the realtor and she said just flip the main breaker on at the panel and turn the water on at the street.

I was so mad I drove a pretty good distance and it turned out to be a waste of time. I told the realtor I wasnt going to and she said she would just have to find an inspector that would. I dont know if any inspectors in my area are willing to do this but to me its very risky I would never do it.

They do not automaticly de-winteriz because of spring. Infact this is a boost to mold testing too. :smiley:


That’s right Tom. They stay winterized all year. And yes mold is a big issue in the foreclosures. I do mold inspections and sampling on a regular basis for a remediation company that deals solely with foreclosures. Good money fast. :wink:

I know, it was meant in jest. Hence the :mrgreen:.

Should be a new term as “winterizing” is more of “foreclosurizing”