Dear President Biden, sir:

MAGA move over, you were not the first…by a long shot. There is a nice long history for us to ponder.

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Who will break the cycle?


Is this really a home inspection Blog ? or am I on the wrong page.

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Beats somethin’ else like selling tools


Brook, get used to it. The head of interNACHI allows and promotes Freedom of Opinion. Those that don’t won’t to read or partake, have that choice. I don’t agree with his “open” policies" across the forum boards, but it’s not going to change.

Read what you want and learn what is given. Ignore the rest and certain posters. Pretty simple.


Thanks Thomas, I get it. Just working on finding my way around here.

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WOW…What a scathing review.
Democracy: a system of government by the by the whole population or all eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
I have a problem with the definition…(and a lot of other ones) Hence, an individual, of late, lied his way into office of late. All of the lies have been publicly exposed. And still in office. Talking about wolves…


I thought this was an old thread, Trump’s been out of office for a couple of years now, silly.

I would think he’s talking about this clown.

“lies have been publicly exposed. And still in office”


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Nick your absolutely correct on you observation and comments!
#worst president ever!

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And your TDS is still with you.

Not at all, he’s pretty irrelevant now.

He was irrelevant before he ran for President the first time. He did not rise until he hit the debate stage. I’m not saying he is going to make a massive come-back, but laying low and being irrelevant are two different things.

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If you can’t support defending Ukraine from Russian communist forces simply because it’s the right thing to do, then do it because in late-capitalism war equals profits for post-human societies. Whistling past the graveyard. :partying_face:

Yeah, well I do not think it is about supporting Ukraine…we all see the need. It is certainly one of the greatest genocides known to man.

But even Europe is standing aside and allowing us to bleed to death financially. Especially painful when you see the suffering at our own border. The deaths, the human trafficking, the drugs, the security breaches. I guess we cannot expect this Administration to walk and chew gum at the same time.


Cases are still being prosecuted at this time. Many convictions have happened.

Pretty hard to say it’s untrue and no evidence, etc. when the courts did not hear or review the evidence, but threw the cases out on procedural grounds each time. This too is still happening. So long as judges are given lifetime appointments, this will continue. Term limits should be placed on all government positions.

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