Deck built up post question

Doing an inspection yesterday, recently completed deck- a lot of problems- no joist hangers, beam to post connections, joist -ledger board connection-missing support beam-can’t imagine it passed an inspection- homeowner didn’t know- probably no permit. Anyway, 6x6 PT posts - there are 2 actual 6x6 PT posts- the rest are built up 2x6 dimensional pt lumber- I see in the building code it is still ok to bury PT posts, but no mention if built up post is OK? Any comments please?


Why wouldn’t they be? If they aren’t, it would be due to improper fasteners holding the planks together.

Dimensional PT is not meant for ground contact unless labeled for ground contact.


Built-up posts should not be used for a free standing application like a deck, because due to their fasteners they can fail prematurely sooner than later. This is not prescribed by AWC ( You should inspect decks using their model and anything else needs to be prescribed/approved by an engineer. I would defer the entire deck and write it up hard based on what you wrote. Let someone else “okay” it.


Thank you all for the comments

Where does the OP state it is a free-standing deck?

Perhaps that was worded somewhat misleading. I did not mean the deck is a free-standing type. I meant when used to support a deck the posts have no support and are thus free-standing – nothing else is supporting them.

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