Deck Flashing

I found this on a new build. I did not observe any signs of traditional flashing. I have not seen anything like this behind a header board before.

Have any of you seen this before?
am wondering if it goes under siding to act as flashing?
I called it out and am waiting to see what the builder says.


That’s just wrong. I’ve seen many flashings installed the same exact way and it does nothing to protect the ledger board. I always red flag this type of install at the ledger board because moisture has a tendency to rot the ledger board which defeats the purpose of installing the flashing period, if it’s installed behind the ledger.

It must tuck under the siding and then out and over the top of the ledger board. Being installed over the ledger will keep all moisture away from the house attachment to prevent rot. A rotted ledger will bring bad news.

See Image…
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That is exactly what I wrote and thought. I just have never seen one like this. I am waiting for the builder to call and explain.


When he calls you, ask him how the hell his flashing installation is going to convey moisture away from the top of the ledger board.
I’m curious what his response is…

Looks like the bolts for the ledger to house connection might be lacking, too.

A couple of deck construction details are here and here

Here’s a good graphic of what should be done. Just used it in a litgation case where, after only 8 months, an $800,000 house had severe rot in one wall facing horizontal rains off the North Atlantic ocean !!!

You could be correct, Larry. But how the hell would this deck without them?

And why the varied spacing on the floor joists?

I live in a secluded area where the contractors learn from the other contractors.
I have rarely (if ever) seen a properly flashed deck and nobody ever heard of kick-out flashing!!!

I think I like this better.

The sheithing is cut out to expose the box sill.

The Maine Deck Bracket is bolted to the sill With 1/2" bolts,washers on the inside.

A small slot is cut in the siding for the web of the bracket to go through.

The slot is small so as to leave no significant entry point for water or insects.

The slot is then caulked with silicone, caulking , sealing out moisture and insects.

The Maine Deck Brackets make a nice neat job on the building.

The brackets are ready to receive the deck framing.

The double ledger is used so that you can span the distance between brackets safely.

The deck is now framed and ready to cover.
1 1/2" spacing between decking and siding is recomended for an air space.

Yah, yah, I know, where are the joist hangers? ha. ha.
He is just not done yet. :slight_smile: :wink:

Marcel :smiley:

What about attaching a deck structure to a home with brick veneer exterior walls? A free-standing deck structure is typically recommended for this type of wall construction. Also, with the newer treated lumber, standard metal flashing cannot be placed due to the copper treatment of the decking material. I believe a rubber membrane flashing is now available to be used as flashing for treated lumber ledgers.:slight_smile:

Stay tuned, we are building some decks right now on some condos and I’ll try to get some proper deck flashing pictures to post.

PS don’t forget, with most PT today we need to use copper flashing.

The Lags were there and OK. The guy just could not do the deck flashing or siding very well. Take a look see.

Thanks you gentleman for your prompt respones.

Well, as an example, this 16 foot long ledger had 4 bolts only and the joists were spanning 12 feet. :o That was insufficient but holding the deck up temporarily.

I forgot about those brackets, Marcel. I like that method too.


Well like I said I would post some pictures of deck flashing so here goes, sorry about the quality but this winter will not give us a break.

I’ll post pictures of the front deck where the ledger board has to be connected directly to the foundation.

DSCN2891 (Small).JPG

DSCN2892 (Small).JPG

DSCN2893 (Small).JPG

It would be kinda hard to miss that flashing. BTW the builder never contacted me. He told the buyer, “Well we had some problems with da subs on dat one, I’m gonna fix it.” That was it, no problems. I wanted to speak with him, he never called.

Again, Thank you all!!